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Ad Extensions by Wijnand Meijer

Although the post is a little outdated, this will give you... 

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The Ultimate Guide to Adwords Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions are some of the most common extensions... 

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Identify Ad Groups With No Sitelinks With This Script

There are very few cases where you shouldn't have sitelink... 

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The Ultimate Guide To Structured Snippet Extensions

Structured snippet extensions allow you to select a header,... 

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The Ultimate Guide To Call Extensions

Call extensions let you add phone numbers to your ads,... 

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How to Untangle Adwords Phone Call Metrics

Call Extension data can be analyzed and optimized like... 

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The Ultimate Guide To Adwords Location Extensions

Adwords location extensions are a feature that allow you to... 

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Google AdWords Tips: Location Extensions

The "Strategic Tips" section of this post adds to the The... 

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The Ultimate Guide To Adwords Review Extensions

Review extensions display a third-party review of your... 

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The Ultimate Guide To Adwords Callout Extensions

Quick note: Adwords started rolling out Promotion... 

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107 Callout Extension Examples To Boost Click Through Rates

For some inspiration! 

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The Ultimate Guide To Seller Rating Extensions

Details how you can get your golden stars and help increase... 

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The Full List of Sources for Seller Ratings

Keep in mind that you need at least 30 reviews for Adwords... 

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The Complete Rundown Of Google AdWords Automated Extensions

Consumer ratings, previous visits, seller ratings and... 

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